“The Family That Prays Together Stays Together!”

Father Patrick Peyton

Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. (January 9, 1909 – June 3, 1992), was known all over the world as “The Rosary Priest” and is still remembered by his famous slogans, “The Family that Prays Together Stays Together” and “A World At Prayer Is A World At Peace.” He was declared “Venerable” by the Vatican on December 18, 2017, putting him on the path to Sainthood.

After putting his faith and trust in the power of the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother when he became gravely ill from tuberculosis while studying at Notre Dame University as a young seminarian, Father Patrick Peyton had a miraculous healing, and in gratitude to Our Blessed Mother, he devoted his priestly vocation to strengthening family life by promoting the daily prayer of the Family Rosary, a mission that put him on the path to Sainthood.

Father Peyton started by preaching parish missions, then founded one of the longest running radio programs – Family Theater of the Air – where movie stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood donated their time and talents. Father Peyton’s mission came to full fruition when families pledged to recite the daily family Rosary through Rosary Crusades and subsequent Rosary Rallies that touched the lives of over 28 million people throughout the world!

Michelle Iurman, the Founder and Director of Full of Grace Productions, felt inspired and called to write a screenplay for a Feature Film Auto-biopic from the moment her mother handed her Father Peyton’s Autobiography – ALL FOR HER – The Autobiography of Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. – and told her that she was going to do something special with it.  Ms. Iurman had just turned down a lucrative offer in New York City when pursuing her singing and acting career because what was expected in return went against Ms. Iurman’s devout Roman Catholic faith.

Through a spiritual turn of events, Ms. Iurman invited Father Thomas Feeley, C.S.C., the first Vice-Postulator of the Cause of Canonization of Father Patrick Peyton, to preach a parish Triduum as a special guest at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of St. Mary’s Church on Mother’s Day in the Diocese of London, Ontario – the same church where Father Peyton was first invited to preach a parish Triduum in 1947, and subsequently, where he was given the idea of a Diocesan Rosary Crusade that was soon implemented in the London Diocese in 1948. After promising Father Feeley – who suddenly took ill while preaching another mission in Florida – that she would utilize her talents to work with him to help further the Cause of Father Peyton, Father Thomas Feeley died unexpectedly.

Full of Grace Productions was founded to fulfill both a personal “calling” and a deathbed promise made to Father Thomas Feeley.

To date, although documentaries have been done on various aspects of Father Peyton’s work and life, this will not be a documentary film but a ‘Peyton-ly’ accurate screenplay to be made into a Feature Film Auto-biopic: how Father Patrick Peyton was given his great faith, a vocational “calling” to the priesthood as a teenager, and the tradition of reciting the daily Family Rosary by his family in Ireland; how he had the fulfillment of his teenage vocational “calling” in Ireland to the priesthood, and a miraculous healing owing to Our Blessed Mother while in the United States; and finally, the screenplay will reveal for the first time the “Canadian Connection”- Father Peyton’s role in London, Ontario, and how Canada’s holy bishops and priests (and even non-Roman Catholics) assisted him by fulfilling his priestly mission of families pledging to recite the daily Family Rosary when they gave him not only the ideal ‘blueprint, but the financial and spiritual means, as well as the manpower for the very first Diocesan Family Rosary Crusade in 1948. This providential event would be replicated in all future Diocesan Rosary Crusades and Rallies that touched the lives of over 28 million people on every continent of the globe and put Father Peyton – who had the rare distinction of being named an honorary Fourth Degree Knight but who only referred to himself as “Mary’s Donkey” – on the ‘Rosary Path of Prayer’ to Sainthood!

Phase One of a fundraising campaign has been initiated for $500,000 that includes a two-year plan for the research and screenplay development (writing) of the film, the scouting of film locations in parts of Ireland, the United States, and Canada, and maintaining all the office work, needs, expenses and staff salaries throughout Phase One. Any proceeds that exceed Phase One will go towards Phase Two – the production, promotion, and international release of the Feature Film Auto-biopic, ALL FOR HER.

Reaching our goal of $500,000 for Phase One with a screenplay in hand is crucial in order to have a product for potential investors/donors so that we can proceed with Phase Two. Through your donation you can play a leading role by helping Full of Grace Productions bring Father Peyton’s Divine calling and life story ALL FOR HER to the big screen! It may not only further the Cause for Sainthood for this humble, Irish-born priest, but will confirm that the greatest spiritual weapon of all-time – the daily family prayer of the Most Holy Rosary – strengthens family life, converts hearts and souls, and guides them toward their heavenly salvation!

Full of Grace Productions is truly grateful for your donations and we would also appreciate your prayers as we continue our mission! If anyone has also had any personal contact with Venerable (Father) Patrick Peyton during his lifetime, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at: or at 519-702-2678.

“A World At Prayer Is A World At Peace!”

Father Patrick Peyton